This website includes every Melrose yearbook from 1946 (the first graduating class) to the present. yearbooks

  • Go back and relive those special Melrose High School memories.
  • Show your children and/or grandchildren what your day was like.
  • See those special friends, old boyfriends, or girlfriends.
  • Go back and see your old teachers and administrators.
  • Go back and view preceding and subsequent yearbooks you may have never had a chance to see.
  • See some of your teachers when they were in high school.
  • See some of your parents and siblings when they were in school.
  • Relive those great athletic championship teams, kings and queens, and all those other things.

Now the history of our school will be forever chronicled for generations to come through this website.

Before viewing any yearbook please first view the instructions on viewing the books here .

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